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Year 7 Residential

Year 7 Residential Experience October 2023 - Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre, St Austell

Why do we go? The Porthpean ethos
  • For pupils to bond with their peers and staff.
  • To use the outdoor environment to enhance their learning.
  • To experience something new, different and interesting.
  • To have a great time!
When do we go?

Mon 16th Oct - Wed 18th Oct

  • 7 L (Mr Baker) 
  • 7 I (Mrs O’Shea) 
  • 7 S (Miss Pritchard)
  • 7K (Miss Farina)

Wed 18th Oct – Fri 20th October

  • 7 E (Mr Bainbridge/Replacement – Miss Briggs)
  • 7 A (Miss Fursman)
  • 7 R (Mrs Soriano)

All Year 7 students are at Porthpean on Wed 18th October

Which staff members attend?
  • Head of Outdoor Education - Mr Lemin
  • Senior Cover Supervisor - Ms Strevens
  • Head of Year – Mr Rowe
  • Assistant Head of Year 7 – Mrs Piriou
  • Tutor group leader
  • 1 Level 3 Leadership Student per tutor group (6th formers)
  • 2 peer mentors per tutor group (Year 9 students)
Information and departure details
  • Kit lists are available through satchell post, here and from the school reception.
  • No mobile phones/electrical devices.
  • On the day of departure, meet to be registered in the Old Hall at 08.45am (not your normal tutor base). 
  • We leave at approximately 09.30am.
  • And arrive at Porthpean Camp at 10.00am.
Accommodation details
  • Tents are arranged in an oval shape to create a ‘tent village’. Each tutor group is assigned to one tent village.
  • Canvas tents offer up to 12 single bunk beds, all raised off the ground, meaning a warmer and dryer sleeping experience. The tents are insulated from the ground with padded flooring. 
  • All the tents are either all-male or all-female.
  • Students need to bring sleeping bags, duvets, blankets and pillows (being warm at night is important!)
  • Tutor group leaders sleep in their village in a pod separate from tents.
  • There is also a duty pod occupied by sixth formers.

  • Pupils need to bring a packed lunch for Day 1 (Monday or Wednesday).
  • All other meals are provided by Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre (Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner).
  • Students eat in the temporary dining room.
  • Staff assist with the serving of meals.
  • Each tutor group does one dining room duty (collecting plates, etc).
  • All students need a water bottle and a cup/mug.

What will we do?

Activities Include:

  • Blackhead Walk
  • Problems Solving
  • Water Sports
  • High Ropes
  • Zip Line
  • Beach Activities
  • Rock Climbing
  • Caving
  • Leap of Faith

See a gallery of photos highlighting some of the activities students participated in during previous years at the bottom of the page.

Return details
  • On the day of return (Wednesday or Friday), tents are emptied, the campsite is litter picked, odd socks/towels and swimsuits are reunited with their owners.
  • We leave the campsite at approximately 14.15 pm.
  • And arrive back at school at about 15.00 pm.
  • Pupils can catch their normal school bus, be collected by parents or even walk home!!
  • X Cohort are back at school on Thursday and Friday.
  • Y Cohort – into ½ term!!
To conclude, can we please bring your attention to the following:
  • Deadline for final payment - Tuesday 3rd October.
  • Payments can be made through the school ParentPay system (Details from the school finance office).
  • Please contact Mr Lemin with any concerns.
  • Please speak to Ms Strevens with respect to medical/dietary issues.
  • Direct phone to the PE office – 01579 325739
  • Email –
  • Mr Lemin is more than happy to arrange individual meetings with parents.

A kit list and slides from the Parents' Information Evening can be downloaded below:

Specific details of Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre can be found at