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Curriculum Intent: achieving more together

At Liskeard our curriculum builds knowledge, connects ideas, and embraces the joy of learning. Our curriculum creates a culture that drives the learning process, celebrates challenge, rewards effort, and resilience. We want children who attend Liskeard to enjoy learning, be motivated and driven to be the best they can be.

Our core principles are courage, resilience, and kindness and this underpins the curriculum. We expect students to be committed to the development of knowledge, be ambitious and show steady resilience both in their lessons and in their day to day lives. We help students to develop these through assemblies, PSHE, extra-curricular activities and of course in lessons.

We have worked collaboratively with heads of faculty to review, design, and implement a curriculum based on evidence-based research. Knowledge has been mapped and sequenced deliberately so that students can build secure schemas to help them embed knowledge in their long-term memory. Our aim is to develop a world class curriculum based on the best that has been thought and said.

We ensure the curriculum is accessed by all so that all learners have a rich and broad curriculum offer.

Curriculum Implementation: Recap, Model, Practise

Our lessons are designed to allow students to recap their learning through recall and retrieval, this enables them to build on prior knowledge and allows students to explore and connect ideas. They learn from the expertise delivered by the teacher through modelling. Students then practise applying that knowledge in a range of ways, whether that be through literacy, numeracy or through expression of creativity or athleticism.


At Liskeard we believe that routines are fundamental in supporting all learners to think clearly and learn well.

Students are clear about these routines and are supported and reminded of them often.

Merits and rewards are a feature of all lessons and tutor times, and we celebrate progress, achievement, and dedication.