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Progress Evenings

Progress Evenings are a crucial part of our collaboration with parents/carers to ensure we are collectively supporting students in their education.

They normally run from 3.45pm to 6.45pm, providing time to meet with subject teachers to discuss how students are doing and what they need to focus on to further improve.

Parents/carers will need to make appointments with teachers in advance, using our online booking system ( Details of each Progress Evening will be shared with parents/carers prior to the event, including instructions and deadlines for signing up for appointments. We have an excellent attendance rate and expect parents/carers to make every effort to attend.

The dates for this year’s progress evenings are as follows:

Y11 Progress Evening: 14th September 2023

Y13 Progress Evening: 23rd September 2023

Y7 Tutor Evening: 23rd September 2023

Y12 Progress' Evening: 23rd November 2023

Y9 Progress Evening: 30th November 2023

Y11 Progress Evening: 25th January 2024

Y8 Progress Evening: 1st February 2024

Y12/13 Progress Evening: 22nd February 2024

Y10 Progress' Evening: 7th March 2024

Y7 Progress Evening: 21st March 2024


In addition, we have the following key events (6.00-8.00 pm):

Y7 Porthpean Presentation: 26th September 2023

Y5/6 Open Evening: 28th September 2023

Parent Information Evening 1: 10th October 2023

Y11 GCSE Success Evening: 17th October 2023

Sixth Form Open Evening: 16th November 2023

Y10 GCSE Success Evening: 28th November 2023

Parent Information Evening 2: 5th December 2023

Y9 Options' Evening: 18th January 2024

Parent Information Evening 3: 30th January 2024

Y11 GCSE Success Evening: 6th February 2024

Parent Information Evening 4: 19th March 2024

Y11 GCSE Success Evening: 26th March 2024

Y10 GCSE Success Evening: 23rd April 2024

Y9 GCSE Success Evening: 7th May 2024

Parent Information Evening 5: 14th May 2024

Parent Information Evening 6: 2nd July 2024

Y6 Induction Day & Evening: 8th July 2024