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Get Your Child Reading

Encourage your child to read for pleasure…

Reading for pleasure gives your child so many things – an adventure into another world, an understanding of people and social relationships, excitement and wonder.

Added to this

Research shows that an 11 year old who reads for enjoyment for 30 minutes a day boosts their school performance by up to a whole year! 

So how can you encourage your child to read?

  1. Keep reading material around the house. Children who grow up with books and magazines around them are much more likely to pick up a book and start reading. It doesn’t even need to be books – magazines, comics, this all counts as reading.
  2. Ask your child what they are reading at the moment. If they aren’t reading for pleasure then suggest a book you know fits in with their interests. If you’re not sure what to suggest have a look at our recommended reading lists. These lists update regularly so never go out of date:

Year 7 suggested reading list

Year 8 suggested reading list

Year 9 suggested reading list

Year 10 suggested reading list

Year 11 suggested reading list

Dr Shilling's 10 Books to Read Before You Turn 16

  1. Model reading. If your child sees you enjoying a good book or magazine they are much more likely to pick one up themselves.
  2. Give your child the gift of reading. Give books for Birthday and Christmas presents. If your child is into technology, buy them a Kindle or E-Reader.
  3. Visit the local library and take out books for free! Reading doesn’t have to be expensive. Your child has access to an extensive range of books in school as well. Taking a book out of the school library is also free!