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Cultural Capital Award

What is Cultural Capital?

Cultural Capital can be thought of as an imaginary ‘suitcase’ of all of experiences you have outside of the classroom through people you know, new people you meet, places you visit, books you read, hobbies you pursue and so much more. The more you have in your suitcase, the more creative and involved you can be in the classroom as you will be able to draw from a wider range of experiences.

By achieving a Cultural Capital Award, you will develop skills, ideas and hobbies that will help you in school and throughout your life. You will also learn to recognise the core school values of Courage, Resilience and Kindness in yourself. 

How does it work?

You can achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award in each of the six categories of Heritage, Discovery, Wellbeing, Community, Creativity and Mindfulness.

You can achieve a Platinum award by pursuing challenges in all six categories and demonstrated that you have continued to work on your favourite challenges

What if I complete all of the challenges?

The main aim of the Cultural Capital Award is to develop new skills and interests. To achieve a Platinum Award, you have to continue to pursue your favourite challenge.

There is also space for you to add your own ideas and achievements

Are there any student leadership opportunities?

You can speak to your tutor about becoming a Cultural Leader – this will involve mentoring other students and using the knowledge and experience you have gained to help another student to achieve an award.

Do I have to work on my own to complete a challenge?

You can do each challenge with friends, family or on your own.  To receive a recognition for a completed challenge, you must provide evidence to your tutor (this can be a photo, a letter from a parent/carer, a piece of writing or a discussion with your tutor).