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Curriculum Intent History:

History is the past, present and future of who we are, what we are and what we become. Pupils will learn about the story of human experiences, which will develop understanding of their place in the world on a local, national and international level. They develop a chronological overview that focuses on key concepts (cause and consequence, change and continuity, significance and interpretation) that enables them to make connections, debate, and become confident and questioning individuals. At Liskeard School our intent is to create inquisitive students through mastery of History, enhancing cultural capital in relation to diverse past societies; helping students to learn from the past to shape a better future. 

Curriculum Overview History

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

Year 7

Norman Conquest

Norman Control

Mediaeval Life

Henry VIII

Elizabeth I

Tudor England

Year 8

Tudor and Stuart rebellions

English Civil War

1750-1900 Population and Agriculture

1750-1900 Industry and Life expectancy


Black rights in the USA

Year 9

Causes of WW1



Rise of Hitler


GCSE Medicine 1250-1500

GCSE Medicine 1500-1700

Year 10

GCSE Medicine 1700-1900

GCSE Medicine 1900+

Germany: Weimar Germany 1918-29

Germany: Rise of Hitler

Germany: Nazi Germany: Keeping Control

Germany: Life in Nazi Germany

Year 11

Henry VIII: Government and Wolsey


Henry VIII: Cromwell and Religion

American West: Migration and Settlement

American West: Conflict and Tension

Exam Preparation


Year 12

Russia 1894-1921


Russia 1921-1941

Henry VII

Henry VIII

Edward VI and Mary I

Revision and Exams

Year 13

Ireland 1791-1886

Ireland 1886-1921

Exams and Ireland Interpretations

Coursework and revision