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The 21st Annual Art, Design and Photography Exhibition 2024

The 21st annual exhibition marks the culmination of another remarkable year for our Art, Design, and Photography students. Ninety-seven students showcased their work, reflecting a keen eye for aesthetics, a strong visual understanding, and an abundance of energy and dedication.

The exhibition served as a platform for personal exploration, technical proficiency, and experimentation. As in previous years, the displayed works revealed a sensitivity, a perceptive approach to thematic content, and a strong grasp of visual literacy. Students meticulously applied practical skills to challenge conventions and forge new meaning within the context of art history. This dedication throughout the year resulted in a confident, independent, and visually compelling body of work, a testament to each student's unique artistic voice.

Members of the Creative and Performing Arts team would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all its students on another creative year. Your talent, creativity, and dedication are truly inspiring. Our diverse offerings, encompassing GCSE and A Level courses, performing ensembles, exhibitions, workshops, and educational trips, have fostered a vibrant and inspiring environment for the entire school community. As results day approaches, we celebrate the exceptional quality of creative expression showcased throughout the year.

A special recognition goes to all who exhibited or performed their work. Sharing your art for public appreciation and critique requires courage and self-reflection, qualities you should be immensely proud of. Whether you're embarking on further education, university degrees, apprenticeships, or the workplace, we wish you the very best as you begin this exciting new chapter in September. Please keep in touch!

We invite you to enjoy a glimpse into this year's exhibition through the accompanying photos.

Mr. L. Pascoe (MAed)

Head of Creative and Performing Arts