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Art and Design visit to Falmouth University and School of Art 2024

Year 12 Art, Photography, and Textiles students took an inspiring trip to Falmouth School of Art to experience the end-of-year graduate degree shows. The diverse showcase included work from departments like Illustration, Textiles, Fashion, Fine Art, and more. Students explored potential career paths in a wide range of creative fields, from Photography, Marketing & Advertising, and Gaming Design to Animation, Architecture, and Costume Design. This visit offered a deep dive into the exciting opportunities within the Cornish and broader creative arts industries.

For students passionate about shaping the future through art and design, the day was a fount of inspiration. They saw how creativity influences everything, from the news and products we consume to the environments we live in. The focus on sustainability and responsible practices added another layer of relevance. This experience provided a genuine glimpse into the fulfilling careers that await them in the creative world.

Mr. L. Pascoe (MAed)

Head of Creative and Performing Arts