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Support to Stop Smoking / Vaping

Dear Parent/Carer,

Liskeard School and Community College is working with Healthy Cornwall on a new pilot programme aiming to reduce the number of children and parents smoking and vaping. Liskeard will be the first part of Cornwall to be part of this offer.

A range of activities will be happening in school from January, but we would particularly like to invite parents/carers to a short presentation around smoking, vaping and the support on offer.

This presentation will be held at Liskeard School and Community College on Thursday 12 January (6.30pm – 7pm). To help us plan for refreshments, can you please complete the following link to confirm your attendance: CLICK HERE

Did you know…?

  • It is illegal to sell tobacco or nicotine-containing vapes and vaping products to under-18s or to purchase these products on behalf of someone under the age of 18.
  • Smoking is a leading cause of disease, disability and premature death. When used exactly as recommended by the manufacturer, cigarettes are the one legal consumer product that will kill most users – 2 out of 3 long-term smokers will die from smoking unless they quit.
  • Used correctly, nicotine-containing vapes can be an effective aid to stop smoking and should be accessible to adults that want to quit smoking.
  • Vaping is considered 95% safer than smoking, but it is not risk-free.
  • Vaping should be discouraged in children and young people.

Pilot Aims:

  • To provide education about the consequences of tobacco and vape use and build resilience/refusal skills.
  • To support young people to abstain during school hours or who want to quit completely.

The pilot consists of three parts:

  1. Weekly face-to-face support for children attending Liskeard School.
  2. Education to children in Liskeard primary schools.
  3. Support for Liskeard adults/families wishing to quit smoking, through a face-to-face local support group, telephone or virtual support options.

Trading Standards are supporting the project. Details of where under 18s are buying tobacco products / vapes should be sent direct by email at or via the online contact form click here.

Many people try to quit using willpower alone, but it’s much easier with the right help. We know a combination of specialist support and medication can double someone’s chances of quitting successfully. In some cases, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) may be suggested alongside the behaviour change support offered by Healthy Cornwall to young people who smoke; it is a safe product. The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence states “NRT should be used with young people aged 12 to 17 at their request and where there is evidence of nicotine dependence.” NRT delivers a low level of nicotine through a steady dosing system, (without the other 4000 chemicals which enter the body when smoking tobacco). Smokers using NRT are not taking anything new into their bodies so should not have any reaction to nicotine.

For further information go to: or Make a referral - Healthy Cornwall Tel: 01209 615600

We hope you will join us in this opportunity to protect our children and families from harm on Thursday 12 January (6.30pm – 7pm).

Kindest regards,

Nachelle Nightingale

Health Improvement Practitioner
(Children & Young People-East)

Chris Knipe

Deputy Head