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Headteacher Letter - 28 February 23

Dear Parent/Carer

We are aware that some young people in the UK have been organising protests in schools via social media. Social media posts encouraging this have been shared widely.

I am writing to ask for your vigilance and support so that we can ensure that students understand our expectations and the importance of a democratic process. Please can you speak to your child and encourage them not to follow this trend in any way. Please explain to them that any such behaviour would lead to the disruption of learning and may lead to unsafe behaviour.

Many students have been actively engaged in contributing their views to our student council, which meets regularly, including with students from other schools within our Trust. Students are regularly encouraged to share their views and concerns with their tutors and their Heads of Year.

If students want to share their views they should:

  • talk to their school council representatives
  • talk to their tutor or teachers
  • submit an online form from our website with details of their concern
  • raise their concerns appropriately with their Head of Year or the Senior Leadership Team. They can do this by making an appointment or speaking to these staff who are on duty and available every day.

We cannot tolerate any behaviour that poses a risk to health and safety or does not go through the appropriate channels. Any student who behaves in such a way will be subject to sanction.

Over the coming days we will share this message with students. This will include an opportunity for students in every Year Group to share concerns or questions they may have.

Should you have any feedback or information that you feel will support students and the school or would like any support for your child in this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Dan Wendon