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The Year 7 Master Mission Challenge

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What is the main purpose of the Master Mission, and what benefits does it offer to students?

The Master Mission is a non-academic student challenge that enables pupils to build their wider cultural capital and develop life skills. Although it is part of our non-compulsory home learning, we do encourage all pupils to participate.

How are the Master Mission awards structured, and what is the duration for completing each challenge?

Each term, students will undertake either the Bronze, Silver or Gold award. Each award has 6 challenges spread across a 12-14 week period. Once challenges have been completed, pupils will need to present evidence of them undertaking each task. This should be written/stuck into the 'evidence sheets' within their Master Mission journal. 

What is the school's approach to recognising and rewarding successful students in the Master Mission challenges?

The school will celebrate excellence in each challenge with successful pupils receiving prizes on a bi-weekly basis. At the end of the academic year, students who have completed all of their Master Mission challenges will be invited to an awards ceremony at school. 

How can parents and guardians get involved in the Master Mission and support their children in completing tasks?

We would love for parents/guardians to engage with the Master Mission and collaborate with our students in completing each task. Hopefully you will all have fun!

Best of luck! Remember... contest, create, complete!



Task 1: Design or build an object that will make your life easier or more enjoyable

Our incredible Year 7 students have been on a whirlwind of creativity for Task 1 of the Master Mission!

See below for a plethora of ingenious creations: bespoke bird boxes, pencil cases with a touch of genius, irresistibly comfy pillows, musical instruments that strike all the right chords, and mouth-watering family meals designed from scratch. But it doesn't stop there – they've also embraced the digital frontier, mastering computer programmes through online tutorials to construct objects that blend imagination with technology. It's a tapestry of ingenuity, and these students are weaving it with flair and finesse!


Task 2: Complete two hours of exercise and keep a log of the sports you undertake

Our Y7 students have impressed us with their sporting dedication in everything from rugby, football, hockey and netball to aerial ropes, boxing, running and jiu jitsu.

Task 3: Cook a healthy meal (or design a healthy recipe) for family/friends

Update and photos following soon.