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The Arts visit London 2023

This year’s annual visit to London, for art students, was truly blessed with fine weather. Journeying to the capital by train students were immediately immersed in exciting experiences from tube journeys, galleries, the theatre, eating out at the busy Leicester Square, and river cruise, not to mention the sights and sounds of the city.

Day one involved a visit to the National Gallery to see works as varied as Duccio, Goya, Turner, Holbein, Stubbs through to the Impressionists and Monet. Students were fascinated by seeing the real works of art, many of which they recognised having seen them during lessons. Following a Pizza in Leicester Square, and Billed as ‘A Gut Busting Hit’, students enjoyed a night at the theatre watching Mischief’s, ‘The Play that goes Wrong’. The accident-prone thespians battled against all odds to make it through to their final curtain call, with hilarious consequences! The following day Students enjoyed a visit to the Tate Modern gallery of contemporary art. Always challenging, surprising, exciting, and sometimes confusing, the work on display offered a great contrast to the works of art at the National Gallery. The river cruise offered a welcome rest, taking in lots of the sights and sounds of the capital city and an opportunity to recuperate and have a spot of lunch in the warmth of the summer sun. Time shopping in bustling Covent Garden ended a really super visit. Many thanks go to Mrs O’Shea for organising the visit, and to our wonderful students for making our time so enjoyable.

Mr. L. Pascoe (MAed)

Head of Creative and Performing Arts