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Moving from Year 10 into Year 11

Dear Parent/Carer 

As we approach the end of another successful year we wanted to ensure that you are aware of two initiatives in particular that we have shared with parents and students in the past term which are being introduced next year to help and support all students to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible academic outcomes. 

Year 11 Tutor Groups 

When the year group return in September to start Year 11 they will be in newly formulated tutor groups. These groups have all been carefully selected, so that students will have one of our existing expert English or Maths teachers as their tutor. We have also added additional staffing to the Year 11 tutor team so that class sizes will reduce. This will ensure that students get the highest ratio possible of individual support. The tutor will provide the pastoral care and support that comes with the role of a tutor and will also deliver subject specific sessions three times per week to enhance performance and progress in that subject, whether it be to work to secure a vital Grade 4, or to push for a top-end grade.  There will be two other sessions each week: one for assembly, and the other to include sessions like PSHE, health and well-being support, revision techniques, and more. We are looking forward to informing students about their groups before the end of term. Students will continue to have access to the excellent pastoral care offered in school, including specialist intervention. We are excited to be opening ’The Hub’ - a new pastoral centre in the school in September where all this support will be coordinated and available.  

Period 5 

We are delighted to be able to increase our provision for Year 11 through an extended school day until 4.15pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. We will offer additional teaching time in English, Maths and Science. This provision has been put in place because we want every student to have the opportunity to excel. We know that current Year 10 students will benefit from the opportunity to catch up on missed learning from disruption to school during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also an excellent extension of curriculum time to consolidate, embed and develop knowledge and understanding. In addition, we want to put in structured support for students to further develop effective study habits, which will allow them to know and remember more over time. Students will be expected to attend, however transport will be provided at no cost to families for students currently using Cornwall Council school transport services. We have been working with individual families to support attendance and to understand individual circumstances. We are committed to removing any barriers to success, so if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

We will continue to offer a range of support to ensure that students’ workload is manageable and wellbeing is supported. Your feedback has already allowed us to develop and improve our plans, so please continue to share your feedback and queries with us. 


We believe that high standards of appearance and uniform help to contribute to a strong school ethos. We are supporting students with regular reminders about correct uniform items and there have been updates sent home regularly about expectations which will continue ready for the start of next term. We have resources in place for September to allow us to support any students who need assistance in having the correct uniform to wear in school but please do take a moment to remind yourself of our guidance and we appreciate your support and collaboration. In particular, if relevant, please do have a look at our smart new Liskeard School Skirt which will be required for students wearing skirts from September 2023.  

In the meantime, we send our Year 10 students all the best for their work experience week, which is the last week of term, beginning on Monday 17th July, This week can provide fascinating insights into the world of work and is a great opportunity for students to consider their future pathways and careers. 

We are looking forward to the year group returning in September and beginning their Year 11 journey. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything that we can help and support you with. 

Wishing you all a great summer holiday, 

Kind regards 

Simon Pollard 

Head of Year 10