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Headteacher Welcome

It is a great pleasure and privilege to be the Headteacher at Liskeard School and I thank the Governors and Trustees of SMART for appointing me.  I have been so impressed by the warm reception I have received and the inclusive community feel of the school. 

I am passionate about working collaboratively with students, parents and the wider community to develop excellence and success and improve the life chances of young people.

I believe that we can ‘achieve more together’ and am fully aligned to the school’s vision and values of kindness, resilience and courage.  I am driven as a school leader to work towards offering students a world-class curriculum entitlement and world class teaching every day.  My aspirations for students and staff are sky high because having high standards and expectations contributes to everyone’s success.  I am ambitious for students to make excellent progress and am ambitious to create a distinctively focused and positive learning environment in every classroom. I want our students to succeed not just academically, but also in their personal growth and development and as positive, empowered citizens.

Dan Wendon

I expect all students to conduct themselves in a way which contributes to a culture of pride and belonging to the school and to be fully prepared for learning.  Our aim is to provide an excellent education so we can all live responsible and successful lives.

I believe that every young person has the capacity to do amazing things – it’s our collective responsibility to help them believe this, too. 

Thank you for your support as we grow and work together.

Dan Wendon, Headteacher