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Year 9 Students Get a Taste of Hospitality Careers

Looking for a part-time job or considering your future career path? A group of Year 9 students recently got a head start thanks to a new careers mentoring program!

This exciting initiative is a collaboration between Cornwall Education Business Partnership, The Royal Society of Chemistry, and Liskeard School. On Tuesday, students met with industry experts Mike Lewin from Turo and Penwith College and the Cornwall Hospitality Collective, alongside Jack, the Manager of Talland Bay Hotel, a former Liskeard School student himself!

The session was all about exploring hospitality careers in Cornwall. Students learnt valuable skills like table setting, food service, and even (non-alcoholic!) wine pouring. These skills are not only essential for future hospitality roles, but are also transferable to many part-time job opportunities students might encounter soon.

The engaging session provided valuable insights into the world of work and the skills students will need to thrive. And let's not forget, the delicious BLT sandwiches were a delightful bonus!

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