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Year 11 Progress Evening – Thursday, 14th September 2023 (3.45 pm–6.45 pm)

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Year 11 Progress Evening – Thursday, 14th September 2023 (3.45 pm–6.45 pm)

We are pleased to invite you to make appointments for the Year 11 Progress Evening (parent-teacher meetings) being held on 14th September 2023 (3.45 –6.45 pm). These appointments will be face-to-face in school.

Please note that you have also been emailed these instructions via the Parents’ Booking website.

To make your appointments, please login at:

To login you will need to enter:

  • Your first name and surname
  • Your child’s first name, surname and date of birth

The login details you enter must match those we have on record for you.

The booking system will go live at 9.00 am on Saturday, 9th September and will remain open until 9.00 am on Wednesday, 13th September. Appointment slots are limited, so please log in as early as you can to avoid disappointment.

After you have made your appointments, you can choose to print or e-mail a confirmation of your bookings.

Troubleshooting tips

  • If you cannot log in, please contact the school reception.
  • The email address field on the login page is only used to send your appointment confirmation. If you have problems logging in, it will not be because of the e-mail address you entered.

If you are unable to book at home, please contact the school reception for assistance.

Re: Y11 Period 5 Maths – Thursday, 14th September
To ensure that Y11 can still access Period 5 Maths provision, as well as ensure they have the valuable progress conversations with teachers and parents on this day, we are offering P5 maths provision from 3.15-4.15 pm in the Library. Transport is still running for those who need it at 4.25 pm. This will allow your child to attend a full range of appointments with all of their teachers should you need earlier appointments; otherwise, they can attend the provision in the Library and join you for later appointments in the evening.

Yours faithfully

Ingrid Ayres
Acting Deputy Headteacher