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Time Well Spent: Y8 Students Showcase Creativity in Clock Design Project

In a journey spanning nine weeks, Year 8 students have embarked on a unique Product Design project, where the ticking hands of creativity met the precision of craftsmanship. The focal point of this engaging endeavour? Clocks – not just as timekeepers, but as expressions of artistic ingenuity.

The project unfolded with students delving into the realm of creativity by conceptualising a diverse array of hand-drawn clock designs. The visual exploration was not merely a prelude, but a crucial step in honing their creativity before transitioning to the next phase.

Equipped with a blend of traditional design techniques and modern technology, the students seamlessly translated their hand-drawn designs into the digital realm using Computer Aided Design (CAD). This intersection of art and technology allowed them to refine and visualise their concepts with precision, ensuring that the final product would be a fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Armed with the skills acquired during the project, students brought their visions to life by crafting the physical clocks from wood. The tactile nature of this process added a layer of authenticity to the project, as students transformed two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional masterpieces.

The culmination of this project unveiled a stunning array of unique, handcrafted clocks. This project not only honed the students' artistic and technical skills, but also instilled in them a sense of accomplishment and pride. As they displayed their creations, they showcased the power of merging imagination with hands-on craftsmanship.