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Chemistry Outreach team from Oxford University inspires Year 11 with Cutting-Edge Science!

Year 11 were treated to a taste of the future on Wednesday 20th March with a visit from the incredible Chemistry Outreach team at Oxford University!

Students participated in two exciting, hands-on workshops that brought the world of cutting-edge science right into our classrooms.

  • Plastics from Another Perspective: Geared towards GCSE and Double Award Chemistry students, this workshop explored the development of sustainable polymers, a vital area of research in today's world. Students not only learned about the science behind these innovative materials, but also got practical experience using infrared (IR) instruments – the kind used by real scientists! ♻️
  • Bug Fight!: This workshop, aimed at GCSE and Double Award Biology students, tackled the crucial issue of drug-resistant infections. Students delved into the research being conducted at the prestigious INEOS Oxford Institute (IOI) and participated in a practical investigation of potential solutions, exploring the concept of "guardian angel" molecules that could be used in combination therapies. ️

But the learning didn't stop there! Students had the incredible opportunity to connect directly with Oxford research professors in a Q & A session. 

This visit was a fantastic bridge between the theoretical science taught in the classroom and the real-world research pushing the boundaries of knowledge. It provided a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that await our future scientists.

A huge thank you to the amazing team from Oxford University for sharing their expertise and passion with our Year 11s. We'd also like to extend our gratitude to our Year 11 students who, as always, were fantastic ambassadors for our school!

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