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Stitchcraft and Knittery Club; helping to keep animals warm and cosy this winter

This year, the Stitchcraft and Knittery club have been working hard putting together some blankets to donate to animal shelters across the South West. Following kind community donations, they have been sewing together lots of granny squares to ensure that no shelter animals go cold this winter.

The Stitchcraft and Knittery club is a lovely, calm space where students can come to enjoy their crafty projects, or to learn to knit and crochet - no previous experience is needed. Some students use this opportunity to tick off their 'Skill' section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, but many stay for the love of it.

The Stitchcraft and Knittery club meet on Mondays after school in T10, and is open to all students, Y7-13, as well as staff. All are welcome to sit and knit!