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Saltash Songs and Shanties Festival Hosts Delightful Open-Air Piano Event

The Saltash Songs and Shanties Festival, known for its celebration of music and community spirit, recently treated attendees to a delightful open-air piano event. Taking inspiration from "The Piano" program, which gained popularity on television with Claudia Winkleman, the festival organisers arranged for a special piano performance on a sunny Sunday afternoon in June.

The highlight of the event was a beautifully painted piano, lovingly adorned by talented students from at local Primary schools. Placed on the green near the iconic Tamar Bridge, the instrument invited anyone with a musical inclination to come forward and share their talents with the gathered audience.

The open-air concert featured several exceptional performers, showcasing the rich musical talent within the community. Two talented young players, Peter and Gregory, amazed the crowd with their skilful piano performances, leaving everyone in awe of their talent and dedication.

Adding to the musical prowess on display, the talented Ken Gluyas, who is set to retire from Liskeard School this year, played alongside his son Thomas. Thomas had previously studied GCSE music at Liskeard and had been actively involved in school music activities.

Judy Whitlock, a former Co-Head of music at Liskeard School, took on the role of presenter for the event, channelling her inner Claudia Winkleman and adding a touch of charm and grace to the proceedings.

Although the festival goers might have secretly hoped for surprise appearances from international piano maestro Lang Lang or the beloved singer Mika, the event was undoubtedly a memorable and joyous occasion on its own.

The open-air piano event exemplified the power of music to bring people together, fostering a sense of community and shared joy. As the sun set on the event, it left behind a lingering sense of appreciation for the local musical talents that shone brightly that day.

Events like these not only showcase the musical abilities of individuals within the community but also encourage more people to engage with music and explore their own artistic potential. By involving the younger generation through initiatives like the piano painting activity, the festival also nurtures a love for music and creativity from an early age.