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Morwenna’s Inspiring Work Experience Journey

Work experience is a crucial aspect of a student's academic journey, offering them the opportunity to gain practical insights into the professional world. Morwenna, a dedicated student at Liskeard School and Community College, recently had the privilege of participating in two enriching work experience programmes during Work Experience Week 2023. In this article, we will explore Morwenna's journey, with a particular focus on her experience with Fotonow, an organisation that recognised her outstanding contributions.

Fotonow: A Creative Adventure

Fotonow, a creative media organisation, opened its doors to four eager students, including Morwenna, during Work Experience Week 2023. These students came from various educational backgrounds, hailing from Sir John Hunt Sixth Form, Liskeard Community College, and Callywith College.

From the moment Morwenna and her peers set foot in Fotonow's workspace, they embarked on an exciting journey as a creative team. Their mission for the week was to collaborate on a film project, and as the saying goes, they truly "smashed it."

Their journey began with introductions and project briefings, followed by an immersion into the world of professional film equipment. Under the guidance of Fotonow's media producer, Ryan Cheetham, the students learned the ropes of planning and executing a professional interview, a vital skill in the world of media production.

The real adventure kicked off when the students had the opportunity to work with Ari Drummond, a marine biologist and PhD researcher at The University of Plymouth. Together, they devised a plan for a promotional film for Ari's collaborative research project, "The Crab Lab" at the University.

With their video concept in place, the students embarked on a day of on-location shooting, conducting interviews with Ari and capturing essential footage. Fotonow's filmmaker, Matilda Butler, provided invaluable support throughout the process, ensuring that the students had the tools they needed to succeed.

As the week progressed, the students found themselves in Fotonow's digital suite, where they meticulously pieced together the final film using Adobe Premiere. During this phase, they had the privilege of learning from Fotonow's film editor and motion graphics expert, Faye West, who shared her expertise and insights with the aspiring young filmmakers.

To see the final film produced by Morwenna and her peers during their time at Fotonow, visit:

Bodmin Airfield: A Week of Challenge and Fun

Morwenna's work experience wasn't limited to Fotonow; she also had the opportunity to explore the dynamic environment of Bodmin Airfield. This experience was filled with challenges, learning opportunities, and, most importantly, fun.

Throughout the week, Morwenna showcased her dedication and skills, rising to the occasion and impressing her mentors.

Acknowledgments and Gratitude

Morwenna's journey through these work experience programmes was made possible through the collaboration of several parties. Fotonow, Bodmin Airfield and Morwenna's school all played pivotal roles in facilitating these enriching experiences.

A special note of thanks goes out to Ari Drummond, whose willingness to engage with students and support their endeavours made a significant impact on Morwenna.

Certificate of Achievement

In recognition of Morwenna's outstanding performance and dedication during her work experience placement at Fotonow CIC, she received a Certificate of Achievement. This certificate serves as a token of appreciation for her contributions to the organisation.

Before we conclude Morwenna's inspiring work experience journey, it is important to acknowledge the collective effort of Liskeard School and Community College in providing students with valuable opportunities like Work Experience Week. As a school, Liskeard takes great pride in the achievements of its Year 10 and Year 12 students who actively participated in work experience during the summer term.

Work experience is an educational milestone that benefits both students and employers. It allows students to gain practical insights into their chosen fields, develop essential skills, and explore potential career paths. For employers, it offers a chance to mentor and shape the next generation of professionals.

We invite employers who are interested in contributing to this invaluable learning experience to get in touch with Mrs Hydes, the dedicated Careers Lead at Liskeard School and Community College. Your willingness to offer work experience placements can make a significant impact on the development and future prospects of our students.

Mrs Hydes can be reached at, and your collaboration can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our young talents. Work experience is a partnership between educators and employers, and your involvement is invaluable in nurturing the skills and aspirations of our students.

Morwenna's work experience journey with Fotonow and Bodmin Airfield was a transformative experience that allowed her to explore her passion for media production and filmmaking. Her dedication and the support she received from her mentors and organisations like Fotonow highlight the value of work experience programs in shaping young talents and preparing them for the professional world. Morwenna's story serves as an inspiration to students everywhere, showing them the importance of seizing opportunities and pursuing their passions.

As a school, Liskeard is committed to providing students with these enriching opportunities, and we invite employers to join us in this endeavour. Together, we can empower the next generation and help them embark on their own remarkable journeys towards success.