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Liskeard School Students Make Their Voices Heard

As part of their Master Mission challenge, year 7 students at Liskeard School were tasked with writing a letter to their local MP about something that they are passionate about.

On Friday 22 March, local MP Sheryll Murray visited the school to take receipt of some of these letters and met with representatives from the Student Council.

As part of their meeting, students passionately presented the issues that are important to them before each handing their letters over to Mrs Murray. As well as presenting their own letters and views, members of the Student Council also had the opportunity to speak to Mrs Murray about the important role they have representing the views of the student body.

Mrs Murray has offered her personal support to students and we look forward to welcoming her back soon as a guest at one of our future Student Council meetings. Students presented their cases so well, Mrs Murray has promised to pass them onto the Prime Minister himself. We look forward to receiving his reply!

Well done to all the students involved for proudly representing themselves and school!