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Liskeard School Council Representatives Engage in Key Debates

In a recent gathering of the Liskeard School Council, representatives came together in the Conference Room to discuss and deliberate on several crucial matters. The meeting saw lively debates on three key issues, each of which holds significance for the school and its community. These discussions centred on (1) the renaming of 'The Bridge,' (2) selecting the school charities for the year 2023-24, and (3) establishing agreements to enhance school improvement during social times.

1.    Renaming 'The Bridge':
One of the major discussions that took place during the School Council meeting was the proposal to rename 'The Bridge.' 'The Bridge' is a significant facility within the school, and a potential renaming would carry weight in shaping the school's identity. Representatives deliberated on the importance of retaining the current name, and the possibility of choosing a new name.

2.    School Charities for 2023-24:
Selecting the school charities is an essential responsibility of the School Council, as it not only demonstrates the school's commitment to social causes but also engages the student body in philanthropic activities. The debate revolved around choosing charities for the upcoming academic year, taking into account the impact these organisations have on the community and aligning with the school's values and goals. Representatives considered various local and global charities, considering their potential to inspire support from students and staff alike.

3.    Agreements on School Improvement at Social Times:
The final key topic of discussion involved agreements to enhance school improvement during social times. These social times, which include breaks and lunch hours, play a crucial role in shaping the overall school experience for students. Representatives debated the rules and guidelines for social times, aiming to strike a balance between providing students with the freedom to relax and socialise while ensuring a safe and respectful environment for everyone.

The School Council meeting highlighted the dedication of its members in making thoughtful and informed decisions for the benefit of the school and its community. The outcomes of these discussions will not only impact the daily lives of students and staff but also contribute to the broader development and well-being of Liskeard School.

In the spirit of democratic decision-making, the School Council remains committed to representing the diverse voices of the school community. These debates serve as a testament to the importance of student engagement and active participation in shaping the school's future and ensuring its continuous growth and improvement.