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Liskeard School & Community College Pays Tribute to Fallen Heroes

Staff and students at Liskeard School & Community College gathered on the quad, standing together in unity to commemorate and express deep gratitude for the selfless sacrifices made for our freedom. This gathering was a poignant and emotional occasion, marked by sincere tributes and moments of reflection.

The proceedings commenced with the school's prefects, who opened the event by reading "In Flanders Fields." Following this moving recitation, the Headteacher, Mr. Wendon, delivered stanza 4 of "For the Fallen." This touching poem has become a symbol of the profound respect and gratitude we hold for our fallen heroes. As Mr. Wendon's words echoed through the quad, they served as a powerful and sobering reminder of the sacrifices made by those who served our nation.

Adding to the solemnity of the occasion, Mr. Bond graced the assembly with a touching brass rendition of "The Last Post." This hauntingly beautiful melody is synonymous with the conclusion of Remembrance Day ceremonies and brought a deep sense of reverence to the gathering.

The gathering at Liskeard School & Community College was about more than just paying respects; it was a tribute to the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for our country. Through this ceremony, we renewed our commitment to perpetuate their bravery and sacrifice, ensuring that their legacy remains vibrant and enduring. The phrase "Lest we forget" carried profound meaning, underscoring our solemn pledge to always keep their memory alive.

As staff and students came together on the quad, the message was unmistakable – we will never forget the sacrifices made by those who defended our freedom. These annual gatherings serve as a powerful reminder of our shared history and the significance of unity and remembrance. The spirit of respect, gratitude, and commemoration thrives, assuring that the memory of our fallen heroes will continue to inspire and endure for generations to come.