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Liskeard School and Community College Commemorates King Charles III's Coronation with Beautifully Crafted Badges and a Scrumptious Lunch

Liskeard School and Community College were proud to receive beautifully crafted badges from Liskeard Town Council to commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III. The Mayor, Councillor Simon Cassidy, and Councillor Nick Craker, Chair of the Communications and Engagement Committee, presented the badges to the school, in advance of the Coronation weekend.

The badges were exquisitely designed, featuring the official Cypher and Crown, which served as a meaningful reminder of the event. The school was grateful to the Town Council for providing the badges as a gift, which helped promote a sense of community pride and spirit amongst the students.

Additionally, the school had the pleasure of enjoying a scrumptious Coronation Lunch, which was provided by the school kitchen. The lunch included some British favourites, such as scones with cream and jam. Everyone enjoyed the sumptuous feast, which was a fitting tribute to King Charles III's coronation. 

Overall, the Coronation Lunch was a fantastic addition to the celebrations, and the school was grateful to have been a part of it. The gesture of presenting the badges showed the Council's commitment to the community and helped bring the community together for this momentous occasion. It was a memorable way for everyone to commemorate King Charles III's coronation.