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Key Stage 3 Excels in BEBRAS Computing Challenge

Recently, students from years 7, 8 and 9 participated in the BEBRAS Computing Challenge. This annual event serves as a gateway to introducing computational thinking to students and fostering global excitement for the world of computing.

BEBRAS, organised in over 60 countries, aims to ignite a passion for computing amongst students worldwide. The challenge encourages participants to apply their problem-solving skills, computational logic, and creativity to solve a variety of engaging problems. This year, students not only embraced the challenge, but excelled triumphantly!

Each student's performance was meticulously assessed, resulting in a comprehensive ranking based on points scored. To recognise their outstanding achievements, every participant received a certificate categorising their success into three tiers: Distinction (75-100%), Merit (50-74%), and Participation (1-49%). This acknowledgement not only celebrated their dedication, but also underscored the importance of their contributions to the world of computing.

Taking pride of place in the top tiers of national rankings, a select group of students emerged as true standouts. These remarkable individuals, captured in the featured images, secured their positions in the top 10% nationally, earning them an additional prestigious Gold certificate. Their exceptional performance is a testament to their commitment to mastering computational skills and solving intricate problems.

Behind this wave of success stand the guiding forces of Mr. Morgan and Mr. Clyde, the computing teachers at Liskeard School. Their support and encouragement have played a pivotal role in nurturing the students' interest in computing. Proudly witnessing every student's participation, they commend the collective effort that has propelled students to new heights in the BEBRAS Computing Challenge.

As Liskeard School continues to champion excellence in education, the success of key stage 3 in the BEBRAS Computing Challenge stands as a shining example of the school's commitment to fostering a generation of innovative thinkers and problem solvers.