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Celebrating Young Musical Talent

Liskeard, Cornwall - ASONE Hub, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting primary singing in Cornwall, organised the highly anticipated Songfest series of concerts, which includes performances by schools across Cornwall. On March 13th, Liskeard Public Hall hosted one of the performances of this year's Songfest series.

The first half of the concert featured performances by older students, while the second half showcased the vocal talents of younger performers. The event was a resounding success, with three students from Liskeard School and Community College impressing the audience with their incredible performances.

Melissa, a year 13 student, performed a duet with a former student Jobe, while Kate, a year 9 student, sang two songs, one of which she composed herself. Their performances were described as "incredible" and "inspirational" by those in attendance.

The students were praised for their exceptional talent and style, which earned them a well-deserved round of applause. They also served as an inspiration to the younger performers who were eagerly waiting for their turn on stage.

Liskeard School and Community College expressed their pride in the students' accomplishments, noting that they were a credit to the institution. They congratulated Melissa, Kate and Jobe on their outstanding performances and wished them continued success in their future musical endeavours.

The Songfest series of concerts will continue throughout Cornwall, providing a platform for students to showcase their vocal talents and celebrate the rich history of the county.