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BBC's Nationwide Schools Tour Inspires Students to Explore Career Paths

Students in Years 7 to 9 had the unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals as part of the BBC's nationwide schools tour, aimed at motivating young minds to pursue their career aspirations. The initiative sought to deliver comprehensive information about the diverse array of opportunities available and provide valuable advice on navigating various career paths.

The engaging panel, comprising accomplished professionals; Becky Fenner (Hospitality Manager at The Eden Project), Alex Rodda (Sales Manager at Rodda’s Creamery) and Catri Fox (Production Apprentice at BBC Radio) generously shared insights into their respective fields and recounted their personal career journeys. This initiative aligns with the BBC's ongoing commitment to supporting young people and assisting them in exploring different avenues.

Mrs Hydes, Careers Lead and Advisor at Liskeard School and Community College, expressed appreciation for the panellists and the BBC staff, commending their role in providing invaluable insights. She remarked, "Students in Year 7 to 9 were a credit to our School and should be very proud of themselves; they were well-behaved and asked brilliant questions. The BBC and panellists were blown away by our exceptional students."

The positive feedback highlights the success of the event in fostering a conducive environment for students to interact with industry professionals and gain first-hand knowledge about potential career paths. This initiative underscores the importance of bridging the gap between education and the professional world, offering students a glimpse into the exciting opportunities awaiting them.