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ARC Students Shine in Collaboration with Access Cornwall!

We are bursting with pride here at Liskeard School & Community College! A fantastic group of ARC students recently participated in a remarkable work experience program with Access Cornwall, and the results are fantastic.

These dedicated students collaborated to create a valuable resource: a magazine aimed at employers, providing guidance on how to best support individuals with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) in the workplace. The magazine, titled "SEND Careers Magazine," is a testament to their hard work and commitment, and you can view it here: Link to Magazine

Elle, Learning Support Assistant from the ARC, is commended for her unwavering support throughout the project. She ensured each student felt empowered and equipped to tackle their designated roles, ultimately stretching their abilities and fostering a safe, supportive work environment.

A Leader Emerges: Alfie's Stellar Contribution

One student, Alfie, deserves special recognition for his exceptional leadership throughout the project. From the outset, Alfie demonstrated a natural aptitude for leadership, expertly guiding his peers and diligently matching their skillsets with the most suitable tasks within the magazine production team. His initiative extended further, taking the lead in planning and conducting an insightful interview with an Access Cornwall employee. Alfie's commitment went above and beyond, as he dedicated his own time to meticulously edit and write up the interview content.

A Team Effort Steeped in Support and Encouragement

Alfie's dedication wasn't solely focused on individual tasks. He consistently fostered a positive and productive team atmosphere by encouraging and supporting his peers, ensuring everyone stayed on track to meet deadlines. His approach was characterised by kindness, humour, and exceptional organisational skills. The maturity and professionalism displayed by Alfie were truly commendable.

A Round of Applause for All!

We at Liskeard School & Community College extend our congratulations to all the ARC students who participated in this project. Their combined efforts have resulted in a valuable resource that will undoubtedly benefit employers and individuals with SEND alike. 

Additionally, a special shout-out goes to Alfie for his exemplary leadership qualities. Alfie, receiving a leadership certificate presented by Dan Buckley, CEO of SMART Schools Trust, is a well-deserved recognition of your exceptional contribution!