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A Successful Football Festival Organised by Level 3 OCR Sport Studies Students

In an exciting showcase of leadership and sportsmanship, two of our Level 3 OCR Sport Studies students recently took charge, to organise and lead a dynamic Football festival for primary school students. The event not only showcased the students' organisational skills but also brought together the community in a spirit of friendly competition and enjoyment.

Level 3 OCR Sport Studies students Beth and Jowan demonstrated exceptional leadership as they took on the responsibility of organising the event from start to finish. From reaching out to the feeder primary schools to publicising the festival, these students were the driving force behind its success. Their efforts included devising and arranging each activity, ensuring a seamless flow of events throughout the afternoon.

The festival kicked off with a series of skill-improvement sessions designed to enhance the participants' abilities on the field. These sessions were carefully curated to cater to various ability levels, allowing every participant to engage and develop their football skills. 

The highlight of the afternoon was the barbarian football tournament, a fast-paced and dynamic competition that brought out the competitive spirit in all participants. Beth and Jowan, along with the support of Year 10 sports leaders, ensured that the tournament ran smoothly. The tournament showcased not only the participants' athletic abilities but also the sportsmanship and teamwork instilled by the organisers.

The Football festival was a resounding success, showcasing the impact of student-led initiatives in fostering leadership, community engagement, and a love for sports. The event not only provided valuable learning experiences for the primary school participants but also highlighted the dedication and passion of our students in creating a memorable and enjoyable afternoon for everyone involved. As we celebrate this accomplishment, we look forward to more student-led initiatives that contribute to the vibrant and supportive community within our school.