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Scribble Squad

We are Liskeard School's Creative Writing Club: Scribble Squad.

Scribble Squad was formed at the behest of our students, to provide them with a safe space to come together and share their writing with each other and with the school. 

Over the few years since Scribble Squad has been formed, they have released several newsletters full of creative, beautiful, and thoughtful pieces of writing. Students have entered competitions and had their work published. Students have run events to benefit the rest of the school, such as creative writing competitions on World Book Day. Overall, these students do everything they can to advance the rich tapestry of creative work done by the students at Liskeard School. And so, without further ado, please enjoy the wonderful writings of Scribble Squad.

In our last newsletter, I stated how proud I was of all students who chose to partake in Scribble Squad. However, as I write this introduction, we are drawing closer to the end of our acade…
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In one of my most recent lessons I compared creative writing to playing a sonata: a lone artist sat playing their music for the joy of others. When engaged in reading a brilliant story or l…
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Liskeard Scribble Squad
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Hello and welcome to the 2nd edition of the Liskeard School Creative Writing Club newsletter, or, as we are also known, The Scribble Squad.
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We are Liskeard School's new Online Creative Writing Club: Scribble Squad.
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Come and join the Liskeard Scribble Squad!

Get in touch with us:

Meet on Microsoft Teams at 4pm on Thursdays.